DECH Capital Campaign Committee Celebrates Reaching $1.5 Million Dollar Goal

The DECH Capital Campaign Committee took a photo with some DECH Board Members, Senior Leaders and Donors to commemorate surpassing the $1.5 million dollar fundraising goal for the ED expansion project. Front Row: Bob Foster, Mike Hennessey, Kathy Land, David Whitney, Larry Barker, Gail Peters, Susan West, Kevin McEwan, Beth Foss. Back Row: Lisa Reynolds, Rose St. Louis, Dennis Welsh, Wayne Peter, Blaine Jones, Katie Haycock, Brad Prout, Holly Gartmayer-DeYoung.

A special luncheon took place at the Bluebird Restaurant last week to congratulate the Emergency Department Expansion Capital Campaign Committee on reaching their $1.5 million goal and to thank them for all of their hard work throughout the year.  The campaign to raise $1.5 million for the DECH Emergency Department expansion began just one year ago and, in that time, the Capital Campaign Committee not only met their goal, they surpassed it!

The final donations that took the campaign to goal and over came in, almost simultaneously, from several local companies:  The By Us Company/Bluebird Ranch, Mark Wright Construction, and Wyman’s of Maine.  Recognizing this is not meant, in any way, to take away from the many thousands of dollars donated by other companies and individuals throughout the year.  It just is indicative of the community support experienced throughout this campaign.  Many people gave, and gave generously, because they knew that the new ED was necessary and that it would benefit the community for a long time to come.  They knew this was an important time to give back to the community.

If you have been in Washington County for any time at all, you know that giving back to the community is not a foreign concept to the people in this rural community.  Here is just one of many examples of the giving nature of our friends and neighbors.  Beth Foss, the owner of the Bluebird Restaurant, keeps her establishment open on Thanksgiving Day for the people who may not have family or plans for the holiday. People are not expected to pay for the meal, but there is a suggested donation.  Beth doesn’t do this for the money.  She takes the funds from the dinner and donates that money to a local cause.  In 2016, Beth gave the $2,623 raised to the ED expansion project.  She gave back to the community two-fold!

A very special thanks go out to our Capital Campaign Committee members David Whitney, Co-Chair; Larry Barker, Co-Chair; Bob Foster, Honorary Chair; John Church Holly Gartmayer DeYoung; Ed Hennessey; Mike Hennessey; Pat Hennessey; Blaine Jones; Wayne Peters; Joel Pratt; Traci Sanborn; Rose St. Louis; Susan West.  “Without these very special volunteers, we would not have had the success we have today. They gave back to the community in a big way,” stated DECH CEO Dennis Welsh.

The expansion is well underway.  The steel beams have been erected and walls are going up.  Even though the construction is moving full speed ahead, there is still time to be a part of this opportunity and join other donors in bringing the best emergency care to the people in our region.  If you would like to donate to the Emergency Department Fund, please call Julie Hixson at 255-0433 or send her an email at